Monday, 27 March 2017

Frugal doings..

Hello all,i hope that your well or recovering from this nasty virus.Flowertot Mansion is still recovering..hubby,son and Iris are still coughing for Britain but its slowly and i mean slowly seems worse at night for them..Number 1 son well infact only son has had to have 2 days off work as he just looked awful. Hubby is on the mend during the day its at night he struggles to sleep with the cough..Iris is that shattered she has little bags under her eyes..i have been sending them off outside for the afternoons to play and hopefully the fresh air will do her good.Fern is good now,,only a sore throat that bothers her occasionally,as for me i hopefully dodged it.
Despite the household being ill and having to buy some medicines i have been frugal.
We have had the sewing machine out. We took in some jeans for Fern..we cut the waist band and put a tuck in for her..they fit really well.They will be good for the garden and playing in.I patched a pair of leggings for Iris and also Darned some socks..not very well but good enough to last a little longer.
I cut the buttons off some tops that don't fit me anymore.I also cut the tops up into squares for cleaning rags and saved some of the prettier fabric to make little scent bags.
I sewed a button back on hubbys garden trousers and also Sams work trousers. My son sorted his wardrobe and gave me 10 pairs of jeans to sell on Ebay.
I did have a few sales on Ebay .
During the recent strong winds we noticed that our greenhouse was losing the panels..its one of those plastic ones..big and sturdy but the panels are going brittle now.We had some wood left over from a project and also some hubby set to and removed the brittle panels and replaced them with woode framed plastic panels..he has done a great job and as the materials were left overs it really hasn't cost anything.
I have been using the time delay on my washing machine so i have a load done before i get up.This way its gets a head start on getting dry on the line.
We have been making our own Hot cross buns..i can't stand them to be honest but everyone else loves them.
I have been using up bits and bobs out of my pantry to make it to the last day of the month when i will do a huge pantry shop..we have no Baked Beans left..the horror lol.
I found some Spam fritters in the freezer and a that will make for some interesting meals at the end of the week.
Hubby has gone through his seed box and we don't have to buy any this year at all..we did buy a lot in the end of season sale last year.They were all reduced to 10p a packet.

I downloaded some fabulous worksheets for the girls courtesy of TES..who gave me £3 credit.Brilliant website for schooling.

I have been going through my Pennypinchers book seeing if there is something else that i can do..i love reading that book, its on my bedside table..along with Have a Goode year by Shirley Goode..i find it comforting that i am not the only one who is trying to be frugal and enjoy myself at the same time.
I gave the girls the recipe and ingredients to make Granola and left them to it..we now have a big jar of it for breakfasts. They did a good job and i think it won't hurt them to learn how to make it,i also let them make dessert today..only a Lidl version of Angel Delight..but they made it together and served it up in my Sundae dishes..lovely thank you girls.

I had a wonderful Mothers many very thoughtful gifts..thank you to all of you.
I hope that you ladies all had a wonderful Mothers Day..
So that is my frugally things for last week.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Putting the clocks forward..

Don't forget..

Belton Garden Centre..

Hello all,how are you today?
What a gorgeous few days we have had.Washing out,girls playing out all afternoon...i am hoping this is the start of a lovely Spring.
As its Mothers Day tomorrow my daughter Fionna took me out for a treat morning on Thursday at Belton Garden Centre..o its absolutely lovely there.I honestly could have spent all day  just walking around the flowers and plants and the huge section of trees.It wasn't as expensive as i thought it would be..reasonable but not dirt cheap.
We spent a good hour in the coffee shop which is massive..and again good prices.It wouldn't be affordable weekly on our budget but now and then would be a real treat,the staff are so friendly and extremely helpful.
This is what we had with our cups of was huge..i honestly couldn't finish mine.
A peanut butter was totally delicious but i started to feel sick halfway through it..but a good kind of sicky feeling..i was so stuffed. More than likely on a sugar rush high.
We went around the Aquatic plants and checked out the fish..this one is bloody massive..he came right to the surface and made us jump when he started smacking his tail around
As we were leaving we saw a huge chicken run..turns out its a Peacock pen..and didn't we see the real thing..he fanned out as we got there and was posing for us..he looked beautiful
I had a lovely morning,got totally stuffed,had a wonderful wander around and then this at the end of it..we are planning on going back next month but taking hubby and girls as well..i think they will love it.
Thank you fi

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

No words

My heart is with you all.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Is it possible..or just unlucky?

Hello all,how are you today?
Well for the past month this household has had nothing but a darn cold/virus making everyone ill.Then just as we think all is getting better..our son went and threw up and today he looks like Casper with sweat running down his face and ice cold feet..i mean is it another virus thats made its way into our home or the same one that has mutated.Its darn unfair if it has..the girls have only just stopped the fog horn coughing,hubby is definitely on the road to recovery.I was ill yesterday well i think it felt like someone had taken my body to a party and danced all night then left me with the aches..i took a painkiller last night and slept it off i reckon..feel so much better today.
Is it possible to have 2 bugs at the same time..i am totally paranoid about handwashing after the loo and disinfect the door handles..plenty of fresh air blowing through the house as well.
I am hoping that no one else throws up now.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

What a difference..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well yesterday was just so amazing..sunshine and no clouds..the birds were singing and so were the frogs and toads that have made our pond their home.We saw butterflies and bumble bee's..the buds are opening on our Pear tree and also one apple tree..we found Toad Spawn and Frog Spawn in the pond so we are going to keep an eye on it again to spot the little tadpoles.My washing line was full of laundry and it felt so good to feel the sun on my face..i swept the garden and the girls and i picked up the dead wood that has fallen from our Beech tree's.We opened the Wendy house and gave that a quick sweep too..Hubby will have to in and de bug for us..i saw some huge spiders that could very well pick me and walk off with me..never knew they could get that big.
We made a few plans of what we would like to do in the garden if the weather stayed nice..i think it was listening and this morning it was sunny to start then in rolled the clouds and the wind..and even now its raining here..gosh darn it i had plans..o well i will have to wait but the good news is Spring has arrived.
The girls couldn't wait to get school over with so they could get outside..they were just so happy to be out in the sun..they played for ages..and then went out again after tea..they both needed some fresh air especially after the nasty cold/virus they have had..i am hoping it has blown away the cobwebs for them,they were seriously disappointed this morning but then wrapped up and still went out for a while.
Hubby is still recovering from the cold/virus he got from the has really knocked him.He has this awful cough that seems to bother him more at night..which as a result he is not sleeping that well/neither am i :)..however i know if i get it then it will be the same for him.

I have bought myself some new was a hard fought battle but i won a massive bundle of clothes for £14.50 last was £6 postage but o boy was it worth it.The box arrived yesterday..the description did not do it justice at all. I think every item is new or as good as and the jeans have never been worn..they do require some taking in and taking up..but they are just gorgeous.Its a mix of long and short sleeve tops with a tunic top and 2 vest tops plus 3 pairs of jeans.I don't buy clothes very often but this bundle just ticked all the right boxes and will see me through the summer and beyond.I sorted my wardrobe out and now i have a neat and tidy wardobe..a majority will mix and match and i have some separate pieces.Posh frocks and 2 pairs of high heel shoes.
I am now the owner of a pair of jogging bottoms.They are actually quite comfy.
What do you think of my bundle bargain.

take care all

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Busy week..

Hello all,how are you today?
Its been busy here at Flowertot Mansion.
The weather has definitely improved and we got some outside jobs done,i.e. cutting the grass and tying in some branches that are starting to go a bit haywire. Don't really want anyone to get poked in the eye as they are at that level for the girls.
Hubby cut the grass and finished making his own table saw with the help of Youtube tutorials..saved him a fortune maikng his own..only cost us the wood for the top and that was £18 with delivery and not bad.He hopefully now will be able to catch up on his wood working and making little bits and bobs for the house and garden without having to be a master contortionist in his shed.Whic even though its quite long it is quite narrow but serves our purpose.
We lost our little chicken Violet..she went in her sleep..peaceful and cosy in her little box.We now just have one chicken Tulip (a.k.a. Buff)..who is still marching about like she owns the place and scaring off anything that dares go near her little can see the cats literally give her a very wide berth and they will run past her.I am hoping she doesn't get lonely, we keep popping down to have a chat with her.Which i'm not sure she appreciates ..she looks quite annoyed with us sometimes.

All this week we have been learning about Italy..i like to do the lap books with Iris and Fern does her own research which i have downloaded for her.
I was a little surprised to find i had no card left in my school stash to make a lap book.Then inspiration struck son bought himself some new quilts a few months back and i saved the card that came with it..they looked like brown we stuck 2 together and got on with it.
We still have a little more to do but its been quite interesting and we 3 agree that their way of life is relaxed and if we got the chance we would love to visit.
I was hoping i had some Italian postcards form the huge bundle that my friend MLW sent me but alas no Italian ones..never mind.

I bought a Pork joint and cut it into 3..not bad as it was about £8.34

It was a nice joint not too much fat running through it out at £2.78 per joint..i am cooking one now and the other 2 have been frozen.
I baked today and made some more Cinnamon Swirls as the last lot went pretty quickly and i only had 2 of them.
 I made a ham and egg flan for lunches in the week.
 Also some cookies
 More granola for Iris and myself
And finally my swirls..also a dozen tarts of jam and lemon..i would get literally lynched if i didn't do those.
My littlest grand daughter Ellanor went for her first set of jabs this week..o she did cry bless her. But thankfully all is ok now..the nurse told my daughter that they have to witness the baby being given Calpol in front of them..if not they class it as neglect.Now i know one set of parents who steadfastly refused to give their baby anything like Calpol even when he was teething..all they did was moan that he was crying all the time..even though when they got a headache they took paracetomols to help them but the poor baby had to suffer..never understand parents that refuse to help their child with pain relief . Infact it really presses my buttons so selfish.
Here is the little ray of sunshine..hasn't she grown.She goes though the night as well.She gurgles and smiles and is such a happy little thing.

My poor hubby has caught the cold that the girls have had..o he looks rough..told me he thinks his legs have detacthed and gone else where..he hasn't been getting much sleep as he keeps coughing and is all bunged up. He felt like a little boiler yesterday but had goose pimples all over. Bless him..i am hoping i don't catch it..but my chances are pretty slim.
Right ladies i am off to do tea..Bacon sandwiches tonight.
Take care all Flowertotmum.