Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Evil scum...

No words can ever describe the pure horror or heart break these poor families are going through.

The evil scum who did this should rot in hell..and as for twitter letting all those tweets go up from ISIS bragging..well how about they get shut down for a week or 2...i cannot believe that they won't hand over information or even inform the authorities about tweets supporting or proposing terrorist acts.And as for saying it breaches the persons human rights..well tough..what about those poor children..where are their human rights.
My heart goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones..

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Better than any you could buy...

Just look at that beautiful Devonshire Split..
All homemade apart from the cream..

It was delicious .

Friday, 12 May 2017

New plants..

Hello all..as you may know i love House plants..but by crikey they can be expensive to buy.
I try to get cuttings if i can but its hit and miss if they take or not.
One of my favourite plants is the Spider Plant..its almost indestructable and can be moved all over with no ill effects,in my experience.It also grows huge if you look after it properly.. i love to see them with the leaves hanging down.
Today we had to remove some of the babies off the mother plants..instead of just stcking them in a jar we decided to pretty them up a bit..the deal is this..if and its a BIG IF..if the girls can look after them and then pot them on they can have them in their bedroom..both love the house plants we have and help me to look after them but they have never done it by themselves..so its a tester really.
I had some little jars in a crate ..small but big enough to take the babies..they popped labels on the bottles so no mix ups happen..and then put the plants in.

So fingers crossed i can hopefully inspire the girls to look after them and grow their own.
take care

Have you seen my hubby's buns...Don't be dirty

My husband has a true gift of being a great bread maker..its light and fluffy and they taste so flippin good. Far superior to any i could make..
Look at these beauties.
 He takes his time and he enjoys doing it which i think is half the secret to his bread making.The house always smells amazing when he baking.Makes my mouth water to be honest.
 The bottom ones are Devon Splits..we will fill them with homemade jam and some whipped cream..yummy.
take care

Out for the day..

Hello all, how are you?
Hasn't the weather been glorious for the last few days,unfortunately it rained today but i do think the gardens and allotment needed it.
We went out for the day to Belton House yesterday..it was sunny but cool..we went all over the woodland and then around to the coffee shop for a quick drink then off again. This time we went all around the lakes and i got some amazing pictures..well i got 265 of them but won't put them up just a few.
We had our picnic lunch in the little stone house we always do..so lovely.
We went off the pathway and around the overgrown part..Fern bless her came very close to an Adder,,it was long and brown..she didn't panic but stopped walking and very slowly backed away and went to her dad,we were only a few steps behind but it was a scare.After that we stayed on the pathway.
Unfortunately it moved real fast and i couldn't get a picture but i did see it, so i know what it was.I was proud of Fern for not screaming and running..she was very calm and now cannot wait to tell her friends.
So be warned this is a picture heavy post

It was a wonderful day..we got home and literally devoured our Dinner..the girls were worn out and went to bed quite early.
I am so glad we chose yesterday to go.It was a truly welcome break for us all..i never take my phone and hubby couldn't get a signal thankfully. The peace and quiet of it all was just what we all needed.

Monday, 8 May 2017


Hello all,how are you today?
I am dumbfounded and quite annoyed.
My son bought me a very nice watch for Christmas..i wear it all the time its a big chunky red one..can't miss it.
I took it off on Friday night ,put it on the bed before my bath..between then and bedtime it vanished.
Hubby hasn't moved it..i have had the bedroom to bits looking for it..its not under the bed,in the bed or somehow got mixed up in the duvet.its completely gone.
The girls haven't moved it neither has my son..so where is it?
I have been trying to remember if i moved it after my bath but nope i am sure i didn't.
It will turn up i hope as i really like it..
Have you ever had stuff go missing only to turn up somewhere completely different to where you think you left it?

Bad Grandma..

I owe an apology to my little grandson Sam..i am so sorry i didnt pop this up last week.
It was your birthday and i totally forgot to put a little post for you..
We hope you loved your present and also the lovely cake you mum and dad made for you..an Emoji cake.
Sorry little samsam
love grandma