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Not much going on..

Hello all,how are you?
Well not much is going on here at flowertot mansion..the normal school and being as frugal as we can.
The girls have had an awful cold it has totally drained little Iris and Fern was a mess.I had it as well and boy did it knock me off my feet but you have to keep going.
Iris had a wonderful birthday with gorgeous and thoughtful gifts from everyone..her little tea party was a success..her big sisters and neices and nephew came so we had a houseful and everyone had a good time.Just about everyone was shattered when they went home.

Its one of my favourite times of the year with the gardening catalogues arriving and i love sitting down when its all quiet with a cuppa and going through them,making a list and planning and dreaming of what i could do with the seeds and plants if i had the money.But i don't, so i make a list of just what we need and what we can grow and more to the point what we eat.And also what i can get from Wilko's seed section..but then ag…

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