Handy Hints

Air Fresheners not cheap are they..well i do my own here's how.
1 small jar
Bicarb of soda
Essential oil any fragrance of your choosing.
Half or quarter fill your little jar with bicarb,add as many drops of your oil as you like i always do about 20.
Gently mix it or pop a cover over it and shake.
I leave mine in the downstairs loo and upstairs bathroom..i have done a bigger one for the living room..it does smell lovely when you just catch a hint of the fragrance.
You can refresh it anytime  with more oil or just give a gentle shake.
When you want to change it don't throw it away ,sprinkle it on your carpet and leave for 30 minutes..then hoover it up and you have a lovely smelling carpet.

I love the scented loo rolls but have found an idea for doing your own..
Essential oil of your choice.
Put a few drops inside the roll on the card and bingo you will have scented loo-roll.
In my purse i always have a small notebook with the things i need (not wanties).
I am always looking for nice clothes for my girls so i keep their sizes written down also shoe sizes too..i change the sizes every 6 months.
I keep a list of books i would like too and also school books for teaching.

I keep a coin purse in my bag..pop my loose change in it and then use it for small purchases.Its surprising just how much you can have in there.


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