Cleaning and Laundry

Toilet Bombs.
1 cup of Bicarb of Soda
1/4 cup of Citric Acid
1 tbsp of washing up liquid
Mix powders together so no lumps.
Add the washing up liquid and mix together.
Its really puffy so you need to push it dow into the moulds..i use an ice cube tray or 2
Once you have filled the trays keep pushing it down as it will rise up.
Place in a cool place and leave overnight to harden.
Then pop out and store in an air tight container.
I use 1-2 cubes to clean the loo.
If it starts to fizz when popped in then its working.

Bath Cleaning
I haven't used a bath cleaner for a year, i read on a blog about using washing up liquid..pop a nice squirt on your sponge and  away you go.It stops the grimy build up .Rinse the bath well afterwards and voila all done.

Carpet Refresher
Place some bicarb of soda in a bag and add dried lavender or what ever dried flowers you want also 1-2 drops of essential oil.
Shake the bag so its all mixed up.
Sprinkle the bicarb on your carpet and spread it around with a brush..i use my little brush from my dustpan and brush set.
Leave for a good hour if you can.
Then hoover it up..your carpet will smell gorgeous and the bicarb absorbs any smells.


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