Reading List

This is our book reading list.
A new thing so we can all see what we read and it may inspire others to try the ones we have read.
I will add to it as we start one.

Half Magic by Edward Eager.
A lovely book and we looked forward every day to reading another chapter.

The Iron Giant by Ted Hughes.
We loved this its so thought provoking about how we see things as good and bad.We enjoyed it and then watched the film which resulted in tears from certain little people.

The Legend of Podkin One Ear by Kieran Larwood.
One of the best books we have read so far..transports you to al world of warrior rabbits and an enemy from the depths..a cross of Lord of the Rings and Watership Down..brilliant for children.

The Gift of Dark Hollow by Kieran Larwood.
Amazing and fast paced..we are entranced by it.Cannot wait for the 3rd one out in September.

Uki and the Outcasts by Kieran Larwood...brilliant book,i don't know who is enjoying it more me or the girls.

Magic or Not by Edward Eager.
A beautiful book set in America..a family move into a new home that apparently has a magic well in the is it magic or total coincidence that the wishes the children make come true in one form or another.

Fern has read The Book Thief by Mark Zusack..

Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian

Stig of the dump by Clive King

Fern has also read all of the Hunger Games books and Divergent.

Jurassic World
Lost World

Black Beauty
The Water Babies
Alice in Wonderland
Alice through the looking glass


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