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Hello all,how are you?
Sorry i haven't been around, we have done the decorating that we decided to do..and i am so pleased with the results.
I have been ruthless in my de-cluttering and i feel really good about it. I have gotten rid of the cookery books i don't read and ornaments and also pictures..out of the 23 i took down from my living room walls only 5 have made it back.
We bought new carpets for both rooms..i did originally want them to match throughout but unfortunately the place i bought them from sent the wrong one for the dining room..but i was actually really pleased with it and decided to keep it..the company were really good and offered to exchange but i said no.
 I love my living feels so fresh and cosy at the same time..
We have not done anything to the back wall as my lovely husband is going to build me a bookcase..
 These are the only 5 to make it back in the room.

The dining room is now more spacious..its amazed me that just by moving my table how mu…

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