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Does your Family have that one person..

 Hello everyone, how are you all? Welcome to December . Very chilly and snowy here today and starting to get foggy again. Thankfully the snow is melting a little and some very immature person has been throwing snowballs at the dining room window , ok yes it was me😁. You got to have some fun. So in our house Christmas is not for a few days its a whole month of Christmas. Very slowly the decorations start to appear and my little bits and bobs get dusted off and it slowly takes over the house. We don't put up the rest until 12 days before Christmas day and that is our thing we always have and always will do it this way. I love to see other peoples decorations and get a little giddy looking at them. I have a new Christmas tablecloth and Advent Candle, plus i got out the placemats and coasters and did it all while hubby was at work so when he came home it was Surprise!!. Christmas has started. Our little family absolutely love this time of year and my older girls already have their tre

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