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July is here..

 Hello everyone, how are you all doing? It has been a busy June for us. The weather finally played ball and we caught up on the allotments and some biggish jobs around the garden. Hubby and i put a new roof on a garden shed. We had the felt and wooden board for the shed for quite a while, we have just had to wait for some nice decent weather to do it. Firstly it was to wet then too hot then we had some inbetween weather and thought sod it we have to do it otherwise it will never get done. The shed has been sorted out and mended where it needed it and also a nice new coat of paint. We also fixed a fence panel and trimmed all the hedges. All the flowers we have grown are planted around the garden and we have put Tomato and Cucumber plants around the pond so they can grow up and over the netting, they seem to like it so far. Our Potato pots are bushing up well and we have flowers on the plants so fingers crossed we will have some lovely New Potatoes soon. The allotments are all caught up

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