Hello April


Hi everyone, thank you for the lovely comments yesterday.

We are just grateful to have my lovely hubby here and receiving care.

The weather here is just up and down, sunny and then chucking it down and back to sunshine. This is seriously screwing up our plans to get to the allotments. Our Potatoes are well chitted by now and hubby has put his seedlings outside the greenhouse to harden off. Our Fruit trees have blossom all over them and the frogs and toads have done their deed and left spawn in the pond. 

Today we had to order a bag of Potatoes, the first bag since May 30th of last year, we have run out of Green beans and Brussels, and now we are on the last bag of Cabbage from the freezer, all in all it has lasted us well and definitely worth doing.

Yesterday was brilliant, lots of Eggs and Chocolates all round and then a beautiful Turkey Crown for lunch with plenty leftover for today's lunch. The Turkey Crown was from Christmas saved in the freezer. Have to admit we won't eat all the Chocolates and i will save them for later or melt them down to use in cookies or brownies.

Did everyone remember to put the clocks forward and hour? I cannot wait for the really long light evenings, i have plans to sit in the garden and bloody relax. This last 6 months has been so stressful for us all, i have to say that the girls and dude have been absolutely  fantastic and handled everything extremely well. Not easy to do when its your dad. We are all trying to make sure our home is stress free and relaxing so hubby doesn't have to worry about a thing or do anything.

I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy the week.

Love FTM🌻


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