Happy Boxing Day..

 Hello everyone, what are plans for today?

The day after the big day is always a chilled out day for us.

Yesterday was hectic as usual and lots of ooh's and ahh's over gifts given and received.

Dinner was amazing thanks to hubby and Christmas Pudding was delicious thanks to Asda. Plenty of food , chocolates and a buffet for tea. We were all totally stuffed and ready for chilling out, we did watch the new Mario movie  i loved it, of course a box of chocolates was devoured whilst watching.

I had a relaxing evening reading one of my  new books i received before Christmas i cannot put it down so gripping and nerve tingling.

Today it will be a quick tidy up and a buffet lunch then a family quiz plus some games. 

Me and the girls are going to choose a day to pop into town to spend some money we received, i have my eye on some bits in B&M, hopefully they will be in the sale.

Hope you all have a lovely day.



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