Unexpected expense..

 Hello everyone , how are you all?

Well everything is ok here apart from having to buy a very expensive new Electric Bike for my husband.
All i can say is
1, thank the lord we had the money
2, please let this be the last surprise of this year, i don't think i could take much more.

My husband has an Electric bike to get to and from work. Its an essential for him, he bikes 4 miles there and the same home, so when it got blown over in the wind it was devastating and our son had to go and pick his dad and the bike. The control box is not working and has a funny smell come out of it when the power is switched on. His other older Electric Bike was used , thankfully we kept it as a spare, but last night on his way home he heard a loud pop and he assumed the tyre had gone no it was actual wheel coming apart. So we spent time this morning looking to try and get it repaired or replaced. The cost of both was almost the same price as buying a new bike. So we took the plunge and bought a brand new one with insurance. 
Most of my husbands flat tyre's come from smashed glass on the road and pot holes. We went a bit more expensive and got a bike with better trye's that are affordable to replace.
So please no more paying out for this year . I have had enough.
Take care everyone
Love FTM🌺


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