Back to normalish..

 Hello everyone, how are you today?

Well my husband is back to work today and my son is back in on Friday..its that awkward bit in between Christmas and New Year. Life is kinda normal with decorations and sparkly lights.. I did laundry and we had left over ham with chips and beans for lunch . Everywhere has been cleaned and vacuumed. The chocolates and biscuits are all stacked up and ready to be either devoured or put away to  be eaten later on. We have no left over Turkey it was  delicious and disappeared on Christmas day. My husband was gifted a lovely  fresh Turkey Crown from his workplace and a very nice bottle of wine as well. He has never had such a gift from any where he has worked, so now i have 2 frozen Crowns in the freezer that i bought before we knew about the gift. I feel very blessed by that.

It has been an absolutely miserable and windy day here, i have had to have lamps on to lift the gloom. 
There was a plan for me and the girls to go shopping but it has been cancelled until better weather is on the horizon. I heard on the news that we could have power cuts, so i have checked our big battery powered lamps and got candles at the ready , hopefully not needed but you never know.
Discussions have taken place about when to take down all the Christmas decorations..i think New Years Eve is good. Start the New Year all clean and fresh. There is an old tradition of opening the doors to let the old year out and new one in, i feel after the year we have had i want to open every door and window to let all the worry and fear blow away and hope blow its way in.
For now i am taking advantage of the lazy days and cozy evenings, reading my book and cuddled up in my comfy pj's.
Take care all
Love FTM🌺


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