Monday, 31 July 2017

Girls everywhere

I have my grand daughters for the day its girls and more girls.
The big Lego box was pulled out for them..i did say i didn't want to step on any and they had to tidy up afterwards.
Now they are all outside playing...and chasing each other around.Hopefully they will all be shattered later on😉

Yay Tomatoes

Finally our Tomatoes have started to ripen up..we got 4 yesterday and by the looks of it ore will be ready today.
Good job i love them..then again i am the only one who does. So they are all mine.

A Honey Dipper..homemade

My hubby is a clever chap..i know i go on about him but he is very talented and can turn his hand to most things..if not he will research it using Youtube tutorials and then have a go at it.
I have wanted a honey dipper for ages but never really got around to buying one or to be honest looking for one.
Now for Fathers Day my lovley son bought his dad a Wood Turning Lathe..didn't ask how much it cost him but he wouldn't have bought it if he couldn't afford wise is our boy.
So since then hubby has been out in his shed making little bits and bobs..he made me my new ring and also one each for himself and Sam.
He kept pincjing my little wooden pastry brush for measurements..then he turned up with this.

My very own hand made one of a kind Honey Dipper..its gorgeous
Thank you..xx

Our own Melon

 Look at this little beauty..hubby tried to grow them last year but the fruits dropped off and the plant wasn't happy. Not one to quit he tried again this year..must have got it right as this is our first one of 3.We weren't sure if it was ripe but it was starting to pull the plant over so we picked it.
 It is delicious..not as sweet as Water Melon but darn close..and so juicy.
 I cut it into cubes and popped it in the fridge..Iris and i have been having it for breakfast or snack through the day..its almost gone but the other 2 are almost ready.
We have decided to write down what we did different this year so we remember for next year.
So proud of my hubby for finally getting one to grow and produce fruit as well.

New boiler and radiators.

 This is the new boiler..its going to take some getting used to..i liked to hear my old boiler click on and off knowing that i would have a full tank of hot water..this boiler is more economical and the water only takes a few minutes to come through boiling.I could set it on a timer if i really wanted too but i won't ..i am wondering just how much money we will save with the new one.
We also had the upstairs radiators replaced with these new double ones..i am so looking forward to Winter to try them out.

Airing cupboard before and after

Hello all,how are you today?
Well the workmen were here for 2 days and then gone..must say i was impressed..very nice chaps and clean..i saw one cleaning down my worktop and washing out my sink..the other one hoovered the carpets upstairs after he had finished.
They didn't make a lot of mess but what they did they cleaned up themselves not like the old days when the council would turn up and absolutely devastate the house then disappear at knock off time..leaving the mess behind.
So the pokey little hole is not a pokey little hole anymore.


Hubby found some carpet tiles and put them down..i think he has done a great job on the i have to fill it up again.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Yay they are here..

Waiting and waiting and waiting...

Up early as i was told the council would be here at 8am..still waiting.

Monday, 24 July 2017

And this beauty has to go..

This phone is one i have wanted for was a bargain buy and needed some tlc but it works just fine.Unfortunately as i have 2 rotary phones i can't call anyone who needs me to use a push button phone.This phone is not practical, so i have come to the decision to sell it.Such a shame but i had to wait for my hubby to come home before i could use his mobile to ring somewhere.I love the ringing sound and its definitely a sturdy one as the handset has been knocked off more times than i can remember.It will be disconnected and put on Ebay.I will use the money to buy a push button phone.

I am however keeping this one..

This time tomorrow this will be gone ..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well my airing cupboard has been emptied and blimey does it look like a pokey little hole.

It looks awful without the shelves in it..well hopefully it will look bigger and better when its done.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

This house is going to be a mess..

Hello all,how are you today?
This house is going to be a bit chaotic this week and probably a mess as well.
The council are putting new boilers in..and upgrading our radiators.
I am losing my tank in the airing cupboard which i am not happy about as i use the warmth from the tank to dry clothes mainly jumpers and cardigans.But i am looking forward to having a new boiler. We have had our boiler for 23 was put in 18 months before we exchanged.It has been ok..bit temperamental at times and is now so out dated they can't get the parts at all any more.
Today i have emptied my airing cupboard and had to move some stuff around so the plumbers have access to do their jobs.
I will be redoing the airing cupboard will be painted white and hopefully some new shelving will be put in..then the big space at the bottom will be for spare linens and curtains..i am going to put them all in the vacuum bags ,stack them up and fingers crossed i will have a bit more space and will be able to see clearly what i have got.
I am  looking forward to having some of the new big radiators..hoping it will warm up our bedroom and be more efficient at keeping us all warm and spending less on the gas bill.
It means we won't have water for a day so i will be filling up a bucket for the loo and also filling up my big drinks dispenser..only the second time i will have used it.My mum is next door and has offered us the use of her bath if we need it and also do some washing for me.
I always feel a bit upskittled when i have to have people in to do i can't relax until they have gone. Do you ever feel like that?

4 Little girls..

What do 4 girls get up to whilst me and their mum are out the room..
                                               fern       iris           emma    hollie
Upside down roller coaster of course.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Finally some relief for Iris Updated..

Hello all,how are you today?
For years Iris has suffered with eczema..on her legs,arms and bottom.
It flares up really bad in the Summer ..we have tried cutting out the foods that could cause it,i use only Comfort Pure on the clothes and wash her clothes in non bio. We over the years have spents lots of money on creams,E45,Aqueous creams,itch relief..nothing seems to work and i daren't keep using the steroid cream on her legs.
Surfing the internet we saw an advert for some Chinese Herbal has rave reviews and is only 99p a tube.
I was dubious about it but we ordered a arrived monday and the difference is amazing. I should have took a before pic..but here are her little legs after 4 days.

On Monday they were red and very sore..we have applied it twice a day..she says the itching has stopped and they aren't sore any more.
It takes a lot to impress us and this little tube has.I ordered 2 more tubes today.

Its yellow cream and quite thick and it smells like antiseptic.It full of herbs and flowers according to the ingredients.Iris was impressed as it has Unicorn Lotus in it.All i care about is that it works and Iris finally has some relief from it.
I know it was a risk but we tried on ourselves first to make sure nothing nasty happened.
Thank you all for the comments about this cream..i have researched it and found conflicting things about it.Some associations recommend it and some don't.
So after reading all the comments and taking your advice ladies i have stopped using the cream.Some say to use in very small amounts and water it down with warm water..others say its a miracle..after reading lots over the last day i won't be using it on Iris for a while until i am satisfied i am not doing her any harm.

Huge mixing bowls..

 Look at the size of these mixing bowls..we had to find bigger ones .When we make our own bread we have 3 bowls but the mix expands out of them when its rising.We found these on Ebay for £1.99 each..extra large with a 30cm diameter..not a bad price.We can get 2 mixes in each bowl and so far no dough has escaped.

We seem to have a lot of Cucumbers at the can only eat so many Cucumber sandwiches and slices with your salads,i found a recipe for Bread and Butter Pickles..i have them stored in the fridge and they are so tasty.Not sure how long they will last but i have more where they came from.

The Tomatoes are starting to redden up so i am planning on making soups and ketchup with them if i can.
Its chcucking it down here and not very warm either.
Typical really..first few days of the holidays and it rains.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Nose update..the plaster is off.

Well i took my plaster off and my nose looks ok..just got a scab and a dent in the side of my nose..not a lot of pain just a dull ache.But today its fine and not hurting at all.

Hopefully when the scab comes off it will just be a tiny little dimple.

I do love a man who bakes..

My totally gorgeous husband not only makes our bread but buns and now he has had a go at Teacakes.
I personally don't like them ..its the fruit.
But o they look so good don't they..

He glazed them with honey and they have gone down really well..everyone loves i need to persuade him to make some without the fruit in it😀

Been wanting to do these..

I have for the last month or so been wanting to make my own toilets bombs.
I like to try and be enviromentally friendly and not use chemicals.So in my quest for this i found some recipes to make my own.
A cup of bicarb of soda
1/4 cup of citric acid.
1 tablespoon of washing up liquid.
Mix the powder in a bowl then add your washing up liquid ,mix into a paste then press into moulds.
Leave to set over night.

I used the silicone moulds i have in the thing is to keep pressing the mix down as it tends to bubble up.
I have tried them,they actually work..not sure they would do the job on a heavily stained toilet but so far they have been doing mine just fine.
I pop 1-2 down the loos at night..wake up to a lovely clean toilet.
I got the recipe from out her site its got loads of good tips and ideas.

They finally gave up..

Well i have finally bit the bullet and bought 2 new pairs of jeans.The ones that were patched up have gone again on the other side and when i bend you can see the patches and also the hole now.
The old jeans are my favourite pair and are very comfy and fit lovely.

I am going to keep the old ones for garden work.They are good jeans and i have had them about 10 years.Now lets see how long the new ones last.

Cinnamon swirls..girl style..

Hello all,how are you?
In the grand scheme of things i have been teaching the girls to sok letting them watch and explaining it but nothing beats actually doing it for themselves.
So this week i let them have at it..

They are delicious..very tasty with a coffee.
Well done girls

Sunday, 9 July 2017


Hello all,how are you today?
Thanks so much for the well plaster comes off today for the big reveal..apparently its going to be black..we will see.
Well i have been getting a few bits of spam just lately..must admit i love reading them..not just on my blog but email as well.
I laugh myself stupid at times..i love the ones that start with "Dear friend" or just lately "Chosen one"..i  have been chosen by god apparently to share in the wealth of a friend i never even knew i had in some far off hot country,all i have to do to share it is provide my bank details and personal details..yep like i am going too..some people actually fall for it and then whinge when they have been cleared out by them and the bank won't help..why should they gave away your details..bit harsh but we have been warned by the banks and numerous adverts not to do it.
The best ones are for sex aids..there are pills out there that came make me a rampaging stallion and all the ladies will love me..really????
Also the investment i never knew that for a few pounds i can turn around at least a million.Amazing but apparently the email is for my eyes only and i am not to share the secret of its success with anyone else.
Plus now there are chain emails and if i don't forward it on some awful fate will befall me..nope i delete it..unfortunately some people actually do this and then wonder why all of a sudden they are inundated with cranks,grifters and fraudsters.
The one that really bugs me is the phone calls..since registering with the house phone never rings and if it does happen to be one of them boy do they get it..i even threatened one with legal action..the best one is when i answer the phone and say "Hello..Sister Smith on labour and delivery which room do you want" or "Hello ,Detective Constable have reached the fraud squad office"..haha they soon put the phone down.
My husband had one on the phone for 20 minutes once pretending he was a chicken and made all the noises like he was laying an egg..i nearly wet myself..but the man was persistant and when my husband started screaming "o my god this egg is stuck" the man gave up..tht was hysterical.
So what about you you get bugged by them and if you do what do you do?

Friday, 7 July 2017

Been to the hospital..

Afternoon all..
Well as you all know i have been waiting for an appointment at the hospital to get my growth looked at..i went this morning.Saw a wonderful doctor who decided it needed to come off and sent to be tested..i was then more or less whisked down to a small operating room and before i knew it i was numbed up and bingo it was gone. The only part i didn't like was the cauterizing..burning skin smells absolutely horrific.
I was plastered up with a list of do's and don'ts and away i went.
So now i have this massive laster on my face for a tiny little bump that was removed.
Hubby keeps saying i need to go for an audition at Phantom of the Opera..cheeky sod.
The good news is it doesn't hurt too much. Just throbbing a bit.But it could have been worse.I will get my results in 3 weeks. So fingers crossed for me folks.


After the storm..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well what a cracker we had last night..the sky was light up and the thunder was tremendous. I sat on our bed with the girls watching it..Fern isn't bothered about storms but i knew Iris would be worried.
I popped upstairs to find them sat together on Iris's off we trooped to my room..opened the curtains and watched it unfold.It lasted a few hours all in but after about 30 minutes the worst was over..the rain however was torrential.It came down the road like a wave.Thankfully the council had been out a few days before to clear the drainsotherwise it would have flooded at the bottom again.
After the storm it was clear and fresh and they went back to bed and fell asleep within minutes.
I went outside this morning and spotted this fella..sunning himself.I couldn't resist and snapped away.

He eventually got fed up of me taking pictures and flew off.