After the storm..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well what a cracker we had last night..the sky was light up and the thunder was tremendous. I sat on our bed with the girls watching it..Fern isn't bothered about storms but i knew Iris would be worried.
I popped upstairs to find them sat together on Iris's off we trooped to my room..opened the curtains and watched it unfold.It lasted a few hours all in but after about 30 minutes the worst was over..the rain however was torrential.It came down the road like a wave.Thankfully the council had been out a few days before to clear the drainsotherwise it would have flooded at the bottom again.
After the storm it was clear and fresh and they went back to bed and fell asleep within minutes.
I went outside this morning and spotted this fella..sunning himself.I couldn't resist and snapped away.

He eventually got fed up of me taking pictures and flew off.


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