Finally some relief for Iris Updated..

Hello all,how are you today?
For years Iris has suffered with eczema..on her legs,arms and bottom.
It flares up really bad in the Summer ..we have tried cutting out the foods that could cause it,i use only Comfort Pure on the clothes and wash her clothes in non bio. We over the years have spents lots of money on creams,E45,Aqueous creams,itch relief..nothing seems to work and i daren't keep using the steroid cream on her legs.
Surfing the internet we saw an advert for some Chinese Herbal has rave reviews and is only 99p a tube.
I was dubious about it but we ordered a arrived monday and the difference is amazing. I should have took a before pic..but here are her little legs after 4 days.

On Monday they were red and very sore..we have applied it twice a day..she says the itching has stopped and they aren't sore any more.
It takes a lot to impress us and this little tube has.I ordered 2 more tubes today.

Its yellow cream and quite thick and it smells like antiseptic.It full of herbs and flowers according to the ingredients.Iris was impressed as it has Unicorn Lotus in it.All i care about is that it works and Iris finally has some relief from it.
I know it was a risk but we tried on ourselves first to make sure nothing nasty happened.
Thank you all for the comments about this cream..i have researched it and found conflicting things about it.Some associations recommend it and some don't.
So after reading all the comments and taking your advice ladies i have stopped using the cream.Some say to use in very small amounts and water it down with warm water..others say its a miracle..after reading lots over the last day i won't be using it on Iris for a while until i am satisfied i am not doing her any harm.


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