Huge mixing bowls..

 Look at the size of these mixing bowls..we had to find bigger ones .When we make our own bread we have 3 bowls but the mix expands out of them when its rising.We found these on Ebay for £1.99 each..extra large with a 30cm diameter..not a bad price.We can get 2 mixes in each bowl and so far no dough has escaped.

We seem to have a lot of Cucumbers at the can only eat so many Cucumber sandwiches and slices with your salads,i found a recipe for Bread and Butter Pickles..i have them stored in the fridge and they are so tasty.Not sure how long they will last but i have more where they came from.

The Tomatoes are starting to redden up so i am planning on making soups and ketchup with them if i can.
Its chcucking it down here and not very warm either.
Typical really..first few days of the holidays and it rains.


  1. Those bowls look ideal for bread. I was lucky to find a bowl from a Kenwood food processor in a charity shop for a couple of quid, it works really when when my young chap makes bread. We've seen proving baskets and things in nice shops and they're so expensive!

  2. Yeah its amazing how expensive things get once the shops realize they can make a profit from people wanting to make their own..the bowls are perfect and cheap which is what we wanted.
    Glad you found a nice one that works for you

  3. I have frozen some bread and butter pickles but haven't tried them yet. Love your jars btw.

    1. Thanks Jackie..i got the jars from B&M for £1.99 last year..i have eaten most of the sweet but with a hint of tartness about them..i didn't know you could freeze do you do that if you could tell?


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