Been to the hospital..

Afternoon all..
Well as you all know i have been waiting for an appointment at the hospital to get my growth looked at..i went this morning.Saw a wonderful doctor who decided it needed to come off and sent to be tested..i was then more or less whisked down to a small operating room and before i knew it i was numbed up and bingo it was gone. The only part i didn't like was the cauterizing..burning skin smells absolutely horrific.
I was plastered up with a list of do's and don'ts and away i went.
So now i have this massive laster on my face for a tiny little bump that was removed.
Hubby keeps saying i need to go for an audition at Phantom of the Opera..cheeky sod.
The good news is it doesn't hurt too much. Just throbbing a bit.But it could have been worse.I will get my results in 3 weeks. So fingers crossed for me folks.



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