Been wanting to do these..

I have for the last month or so been wanting to make my own toilets bombs.
I like to try and be enviromentally friendly and not use chemicals.So in my quest for this i found some recipes to make my own.
A cup of bicarb of soda
1/4 cup of citric acid.
1 tablespoon of washing up liquid.
Mix the powder in a bowl then add your washing up liquid ,mix into a paste then press into moulds.
Leave to set over night.

I used the silicone moulds i have in the thing is to keep pressing the mix down as it tends to bubble up.
I have tried them,they actually work..not sure they would do the job on a heavily stained toilet but so far they have been doing mine just fine.
I pop 1-2 down the loos at night..wake up to a lovely clean toilet.
I got the recipe from out her site its got loads of good tips and ideas.


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