Flower border update..

Earlier on this week we decided to sort out a border at the side of the house that was unworkable and nothing really survived or grew properly in it..yesterday morning we gave a spruce up and now it looks lovely..it will become a Fuschia bed soon..the ones my husband has in his greenhouse will be popped in when it warms up a bit more.
What do you think..it took about 2 hours in all and i am pleased with it.

The old wooden post you can see is going to come out. I have a lovely sign saying "Beautiful garden" that will be going on the wall and the thermometer will be put back up..i have some tin frogs in lovely colours too..i really want it to be a bright colourful wall and border

I was wandering the garden and thought i would show you the lovely Fuschia's we have in tubs..

These are my husbands babies..his week old cuttings..aren't they growing well.
 More cuttings
 The stock plant he uses to take his cuttings for house plants for me.
 Delphinium seed heads..i am drying them out so i can sow them..i love these flowers but the one we had was always getting bashed by the gate and it got ruined..this time it will be put somewhere it can't get battered.
 Finally more than one tomato.
 The fellas went up the allotment yesterday and brought some goodies back.
 A Japanese Snowglobe onion..this is the first time we have grown these..they have done really well and look like it will be a good cropper.
 Our first Romaine Lettuce..and i can tell you it is delicious..we had it for tea last night.
Look at the Gooseberries..we have top and tailed them and frozen them until we get enough to make jam.

So thats the garden all caught up for now..a gardeners work is never done..but its enjoyable.
take care


  1. I sorted a part of the garden that's like that this week , It makes you feel so much in control when you do it lol xxx

    1. Hi scvfl..yes this particular area has been driving me potty..soon as i am back on my feet i will do the other areas that are starting to bother me..


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