All over the place..

 Hello everyone, i hope that you are all well and enjoying some Autumn sunshine.

I have not had the heart to do my little blog for a while as my lovely husband was diagnosed with Cancer last month.

He is well at the moment , i cannot fault the N.H.S. at all. Within 2 weeks he was in hospital having the tumor removed and has recovered well. Now we are waiting for test results to see if it Malignant or Benign. He has had M.RI.'s and CAT scans plus Ultra sounds and is worn out by it all. However he is feeling much better at the moment.

Life has certainly thrown us a huge curve ball.

We are all totally devastated, worried and scared.

Life is still going on here. My son and daughter have taken over the Allotments and Dad is allowed to go but not do too much. We have had Carrots, Onions, Swede, Potatoes, Cabbages all safely brought home and stored away.

So if i go missing for a while it is not because i have given up it is really because i am super busy with everything that is going on.

Thank you all

Take care 




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