Rare find..

Hi all..hope your all ok and enjoying this lovely warm weather.

Well today i had a rare find in this house..it has happened once or twice before but way in the distant past.
If you go up my stairs and turn right you will find a huge wicker laundry basket,now normally its full and over flowing but today it was empty!!!
I had to photograph for posterity...i just have to get through the vast mountain of ironing now..and i am sure it breeds..or someone is sneaking in and filling it up for me..i don't mind ironing..i listen to music whilst i am doing it and find it relaxing..i also like to see it all ironed and fresh..gives me a satisfying feeling.

I told you all about my husband growing a sweet potato vine in water..well look at this after only a week its growing really well..
Can you see the 2 roots coming down..i am going to update this weekly so you can see how its growing.
We had some lovely fresh radishes today from the allotment..these are the thinnings.
Icicle radishes.

My lovely DD Fionna and her husband to be popped in to see us..they are getting married later this year..it will be a good day.
I gave them a box of Bionicles for my little grandson Sam and my Grand-daughter Leah had a hairbrush set..it was a gift for my girls but they have very long hair and i have a paddle brush for their hair..
I decided to clean my silver candelabra ..it looked a bit tarnished. I actually got this out the bargain bin at an antique shop for £1..i love it..its battered and a bit wonky but cherished.
I did all the other little bits of silver at the same time..now they look gleaming.

I have started to keep my spring onions in water..a little thing i read somewhere..i change the water daily and so far they have lasted well.
At the moment i am reading through these books ..looking for ideas and tips on things ..i love them but my husband gets kinda nervous when i sit there reading them as he never knows what i am going to do next..bless him its good to keep him on his toes.
Beautiful books and i love reading them..

My neighbour popped around yesterday and gave us 2 bags of chicken crumb and layers pellets..i gave her some fresh eggs in return..unfortunately our big chicken Tulip died in the night..we spent the day yesterday trying to coax her out the shed but nope not having it..we buried her this morning..the other 2 chickens Violet and Primrose look a little lost so we will keep an eye on them..the tots were upset but accept that it's what happens sometimes.
Anyway thats me up to date so far..
Whats your week been like so far?
take care all


  1. Sorry to read about Tulip.
    I've had a busy week, and this morning I started on the bathroom. The wallpaper has been stripped and 2 mirrors and a cupboard have been given a new lease of life.Things are coming together nicely, all on a miniscule budget!

  2. Hi scarlet..o cool what are you doing in the bathroom and i love giving things a new lease of life..what colour are you going to do it..miniscule budgets are challenging but o so rewarding..thank you about Tulip..she was lovely and would follow us around..i shall miss her..

  3. Sad news about Tulip.
    Love all your little snippets. That candelabra is wonderful - what a bargain!
    I bought some sweet potatoes last night so I can try growing one too.
    Spring onions will also regrow from the bulb if kept in water. So keep them once you use the green part and they should regrow. Don't know if you knew that. Don't know if you knew that. I read about it here:
    Have a lovely week!

    1. Hi jayne thank you about Tulip..yes my candelabra is one of the best bargains i ever found..o so glad you got some sweet potatoes to grow..i will look on that website thanks for more tips
      take care

  4. Hi Sara,

    I have silver plate cutlery which comes out on hi days and holidys, but I love to sit there at the table and clean it, something quite satisfying about it.

    I am sorry about Tulip, and I know it is hard, but it is good for the girls to learn that this is what happens in the cycle of life, I am sure children brought up on a farm learn this very quickly.

    Marie x

    1. Hi Marie yes we were sad but we were grateful to Tulip for the lovely eggs she gave us through her life..the girls accepted it and are now learning to be grateful for the little things.
      I love cleaning the silver..it is very satisfying that it gleams and looks so good..especially at special occasions with candles all lit up in it..


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