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Hi all,,i am so blown away by all the lovely comments from all of you..Thank you.

Well last week was a little quiet..we had a few days off..and also we had FT 1's school friend and little brother come to play for the morning..they are lovely children and get on so well together..we also had Hollie our Grand-daughter for 2 days..such a great girl.

I had to ring HMRC for Tax Credit renewal..i wanted to do it online but as we have had a change of circumstances i had to ring. Well i was 36 minutes on the phone in the queue ..only spoke to the advisor for 5 minutes and it was done..so annoying and i hate to think what it cost me in phone charges.
That time again.

My mum went shopping and spotted  some lovely summer pj's  for the flowertots on sale..so they now have some new pj's and absolutely love them.
I sold 4 items on ebay..only thing is ebay have decided to hold onto my money until the middle of this month..but the money will stay where it is until i need it so its no problem.

I have been baking and mending..i made more tarts and i finally got one..we made cookies and choc chip fairy cakes too..
I also made an egg and bacon flan that was delicious..we had it with salad for tea.
I spotted this beauty in my front garden..isn't it just gorgeous

My husband has been kinda obsessed with growing a sweet potato vine..he bought 2 and put one in water and the other cut in half in compost..i think the one in water is winning
Small water root coming through
The girls have been doing all about Clouds and cycles..Life Cycle of  a Frog and The Water Cycle..we did two experiments..i would show you pictures but i forgot to take them ..needless to say it showed them how stuff works..we also made a cloud from shaving foam..we put food colouring drops in it to show how rain comes through the cloud..FT2 made some cloud pictures from cotton wool balls..we also looked on the internet at different cloud formations..we were blown away by just how beautiful they are and also how angry and scary others were.

We also did some arty bits..
A painted rose

A cut out Zebra on old book page

The weather has been just crazy..its very warm but windy..our little tree's got blown over time and time again ..i just moved them in the end..hopefully it will be all calm again soon.

Today should have been the twins official due date..they had to have their 8 week jabs today..bless them they ain't got no fat on their legs..they were also weighed. Esme is now 6lb 14oz and Olivia is 6lb 15oz.. i really can't believe the little beauties have been with us for 2 months..it seems forever that they have been here..My DD has upped their feeds a bit more..Esme is starting to sleep through..Olivia on the other hand keeps hold of her wind and gets tummy ache..but give her time and she will go through the night..like i said to Andrea "one out of two ain't bad"..at least its not both of them.

I scented my loo-rolls and refreshed my air freshners..cleaned out my school stuff..lots of broken pens and snapped crayons..broken sharpeners..i had a great time clearing it all away and now its all organized and tidy and it is going to stay that way too..well hopefully..i like it to be organized so i can see what i need and the girls can find it too..the actual work is organized it was just the bits and bobs that weren't.

O this is a warning to all mums..if you watch Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Never-Beast..please be aware its sad..very sad and i had 2 little girls sobbing for nearly an hour..i was crying too ..i could see it coming but couldn't do anything about it..we are not going to watch it again until they are in their 20's..
Ok that is me almost up to date..will be back later in the week..
take care all..


  1. Wow, you have been super busy! I had that with Catching Nemo - oh my, the tears!
    Happy to hear the twins are doing well too.

  2. Hi yes it wasn't just them crying i was too..the twins are doing great ..thank you

  3. I can't watch Watership Down because of tears when I was little, nor Bambi. My two girls haven't watched either because of that. Lovely full days, busy and creative. Can't beat it eh?

    1. o i know what you mean about Watership Down and Bambi..we are not watching them..i was about 11 when i first saw Watership Down..bawled my eyes out..yes i love being busy much better than sitting on my bum


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