How to reduce your children to tears in 3 easy steps..

Hello all..hope that your all well today.
As the title easy it is to reduce them to tears..
Step a book you have heard about .
Step 2..don't flick through it beforehand to get the jist of the plot.
Step it to them and sit back and watch the tears fall..
God i felt like such a crappy person..but it was too late i was already half way through the paragraph when i suddenly realized what was going to happen..if i has stopped they would have guessed any way..
Lesson learnt ..just check the bloody book in future so none of this happens again..poor little  Iris sobbed for ages..Fern had big tears and so did i by the end of it.
take care all


  1. Hi was The Velveteen Rabbit..the bit that got them was when the rabbit started to cry..

  2. Oh the poor little things .... all three of you!!

    It's a lovely book, but so sad as you found out. It may be a good idea to read it again now you know what to expect and enjoy the wonderful pictures and talk about the story more ... then do a little lesson with them on how some words and stories can make us feel so sad but then others can make us happy and ask them to choose one of their books that makes them happy when they read it.

    Just an idea.

  3. I will have to buy this book now as I am intrigued.

    1. You may have wobbly moment cherie..


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