House less cluttered

 Hello everyone, how are you?

Well this week i have been sorting and de-cluttering. The girls went through their wardrobes and i ended up with a huge pile of clothes..i was going to put them on Ebay for sale but decided the hassle isn't worth it. So i just posted them all on Facebook for free and they went within 2 hours..they have been collected and are now in new hands.

I did the same with children's books and had someone want them but then not turn up or reply to messages.
Thankfully somebody else wanted them and arrived promptly to collect. The wardrobes and book case now look much more organized and less cluttered. And it feels good.
I had my hair cut..maybe a little too short but it will grow quickly i hope.
I played the Okie Cokie with my its over the clothes horses in the dining room. I gave up and let the rain win. Speaking of rain..yay we have had quite abit and the garden and allotments desperately needed it. Fingers crossed for a bit more to get it all back up and growing again.

I had my Home School Inspection via telephone and i also emailed the work in..i got a Pass and excellent report. So proud of both girls doing well, they work hard and now its time off for the holidays.
We have slept late well everyone else has i seem to be wide awake at 6 every morning, even though i know i don't have to get up i still am, its frustrating as i would love a lay in. Never mind,  i get a wash in and breakfast on the go, feed the dog and start sorting lunch.
I have some projects to do over the holidays.
I want to finish the landing and put wall paper up in the kitchen on one wall, thing is i can't wallpaper so hubby is going to do that and i will do the painting.
I finally put up my lovely Navy Blue curtains in the dining room, boy they look so posh.
Hubby and i have been pickling Beetroot and i also froze some. I froze the last Rhubarb and also Plums..i got 2 bags of plums which will be totally gorgeous in crumbles and pies.
During my huge sort out of bookcases i also got rid of old school work that is no longer needed and i found some lovely art work the girls had done so i have saved it and will put them in frames..i need some black paint so my all my picture frames match.
I am going to put up my big door curtain in the hallway. The nights are drawing in and quickly as well and i have had to put the LED lights on, these run along the top of my bookcase and light up the room so looks really cozy.
I put up the curtains that were in the dining room , in the living room. These are 90x90 ,thermal lined, blackout velvet. I didn't think the colour would go but to my surprise they do and look gorgeous. These were another bargain .The shop had an offer on, buy any pair no matter the style, colour or size they were all £20..i couldn't believe just how good they were. They are a few years old now but they haven't faded or discoloured in any way, they have been washed a few times and still look as good as new. I used the trick of putting half loo rolls between the folds to make them hang makes a total difference and they do hang very nicely. I washed the voile as well but i would love some new voile panels as these sadly have slightly faded..but they still look good. I am afraid things like that will have to wait or if they are a total bargain. Money is going to be tight for everyone and we now have to get our heads down and get on with it. I say that because there is no sign of any extra help from the Government for Gas and Electric bills. Its going to be big jumpers and thick quilts to keep us warm this year.
I have been looking up recipes for Slow cookers ..thank the lord there are thousands.
I  also have a lot of candles and tealights on standby...they say that there will be no power cuts but you never know.
I have also decided that i will no longer just have the tv on for background noise in the evenings..unless i am specifically watching something. I will have my LED's on and read one of my many books i have been buying all year. I knew they would come in handy😁.
So thats if for now.
take care all 


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