Our New Life in the Country..is no longer..

Hello all,how are you?
One of my most favourite blogs is no longer.
Its thanks to Sue and her adventures and inspiration that i started this one..her honesty and love of it gave me hope that i could do it as well.
I shall miss her blog but at the same time i totally understand why she stopped..if your heart isn't in it then its time to bow out  gracefully.
If you haven't read the blog or are looking for a good read then here is the link..

I shall especially miss the adventures of the gorgeous little mavis..who has had a rough time.And the fact that you let my 2 very excited little girls at the time name your chicks..
More than that i shall miss catching up with what sue and her lovely man have been doing.
I wish you both well and look forward to maybe a post now and then.
love ftm


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