The last thing sold ..end of an era for me..

Hello all,o its so much cooler today. We are enjoying the cooler weather..still fingers crossed the sun will come out later.
As you all know we have been selling the contents of our attic..the spare room was chock a block with baby stuff..i washed all the clothes and put them on Ebay in bundles and sold the daughter had the Moses baskets,bouncer,bath,stair gate and cot.
I finally sold my pram..i adored this always looked so comfy and was a dream to push around.
Its a little old fashioned and i never thought anyone would want it..i had a lot of offers and lots of watchers but finally a lovely couple bought it..the husband arrived to collect it and i gave a demo on how to collapse it and all the little bits and bobs that came with it.
 I really should have got rid of it years ago,but deep down i think i always hoped i would have another little one to put it in it someday.I am just glad its gone to a nice couple who messaged me that they loved it.

So now my spare room it finally getting i just have a couple of portable tv's to get rid of and lots of Barbie stuff too..finally the room will be mine and my plans for it can get going.
take care


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