A quick makeover for £3..

Hello all.
I have been meaning to do this for a while now.
We have all white tiles in our bathroom..they are nice but i do like a little colour .
So the last time i went shopping i went in our newest £ shop..i found they did stick on wall tiles..it was quite a big square of them..i bought 3 to just put at the back of my bathroom sink. I only used 2 and a bit..
I put them up and was actually impressed that for £1 they look good..not naff like some do.
As i had a few little bits left over i made over the bathroom bin this afternoon as well.
It didn't take me long and they were easy to cut and stick up too.

I think it looks ok and for that price i can change them easily if i decorate the room again.


  1. I love those colours. One (of the many) jobs we haven't done for Miles and Poppy is tiling their bathroom - I told you there was still a lot for them to do! What a great and inexpensive way to inject a little colour. I'll show them what you have done.

  2. Hi Felicity..thank you..i love the colours and they stick like "billy o"..easy to cut and peel..if i can do it am sure your son and his wife can..from what i can see of their new home it looks amazing and you must be congratulated on getting it all done for them.
    well done

  3. That's really effective, what a great way to freshen things up without breaking the bank.

    1. Hi..o yes i am always looking for ways to brighten up my home without breaking the bank..little things can have the biggest impact


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