Downstairs loo..all done and no smell..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well the downstairs loo is done..thanks to my parents donating a tin of paint and then hubby in there painting it ..he put up a curtain track as well. For some reason we never had one in there..we have only ever had net curtain up the poor loo..sad and neglected..not anymore folks.
This is  before, it looked quite grim.

Look at my loo light and airy and actually quite cozy..if  a loo can be cozy.
 Can you see the old canvas frame at the top..the girls got a map of London and glued it to the frame..they made sure Buckingham Palace and the Thames are visible..
 I found some old picture frames and painted them a Dark Duck Egg.. i thought it would be nice to have something different to look at whilst your conducting business in there , so i put old maps in the frames..these i can change as i have quite a few.
 These are the them cheap on Ebay..they are lined so we are hoping it will make it warmer in there..
 I have a shelf now for storage..
 This is my Toilet sign..i think its quite apt as little girls and boys always leave it to the last second literally to go to the loo.
So its gone from grim and unwelcoming to light and quite cozy in there..


  1. Very nice, I like the maps and the frame colors. That's a lovely curtain too!

  2. Nice simple makeoverm love the sign on the front x

    1. Hi Sara just to let you know the postcard arrived today, thankyou so much xxx

  3. That looks really welcoming (if that is the right word) :-)

  4. I love the maps, what a great idea!


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