Wednesday, 13 July 2016

2nd and 3rd cucumbers of the year..

I forgot to take a picture of our 1st one of the year.
It didn't last long was delicious and we all enjoyed it.
 My mum gave me these lovely bottles the other too..i am going to put my Raspberry Gin in them as gifts for Christmas..the posh biscuit tin will get filled up with Cinnamon Cookies and be given as a gift too.
My hubby went to the allotment and brought home a bucketful of Rhubarb..we spent an afternoon cooking it.
I made 6 crumbles.
5 bases for Rhubarb sponge pudding.
6 bags of lightly stewed Rhubarb for when we have  it with custard.
He also brought home a box full of Strawberries,Gooseberries and some more Courgettes..all these have been sorted and flash frozen separately ,i now have a big bag of each all stored away.
Hubby tells me the Runner Beans are flowering and will be ready soon. So i will get my bean slicer at the ready.
I love this time of busy with all the gorgeous things we have grown.