Two Winners..

Hello all..i hope that your ok?
Well my 1st giveaway is over...i have 2 winners..
I am going to split the Giveaway between both of Claire@Homesweethome2015 please leave me your address and i will send a Crochet Hook and Needles to you and your daughter. Cherie of North Yorkshire Craft Guru please leave your address as well and i will send you one Crochet Hook too..i think that is fair..
They will be posted as soon as  i can get to the Post Office.


  1. OOOH thanks Sara. I have a tin of tools that goes everywhere with me. I will put it in the tin then I can crochet on the go. xxx

  2. Hi Sara, thanks for that, my daughter will be pleased! I did try and get back to you later but my broadband is playing me up at the moment. Xx


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