Trees and decorations up

Today was the day we put up all or may think its over the top but we actually love doing it and making our house look all festive.
First up the girls did their tree and we did the rest of the room..
I think they did a good job..

Lights switched on

The fireplace

We pegged all the decorations we made on to the tree

Looking good girls..well done..

Ok so now on to the living room..

I love decorating for Christmas..some may think it looks awful but hey i don't care..the girls love it and thats what counts.


  1. Hi sara , i love your christmas decorations, when mine were little i had about 11 christmas trees around the bungalow we lived in they loved decorating them.Some people said oh its a bit much i said i didnt do it for you i did it for the kids.
    Lisa xxx

    1. Hi thoughts exactly..we like to make it as special as possible..when our older girls were little we would do it when they went to bed or were at school so they got to a totally transformed house..

  2. Sara, when you have children you can never have too much, although I must admit when my 2 daughters had gone to bed I might have just adjusted some of the baubles lol.

    Your living room looks lovely.

    Lots of love to you all

    Marie xx

  3. Hi Marie..ooh i thought i was the only one who adjusted baubles lol..the tree was a bit lopsided with baubles and Iris seemed to think you could hang 3-4 baubles on one branch..bless them..i only moved a few..they didn't notice thankfully.
    Thank you i love to do it every year ..even though its hubby who puts them up for me..he has thumbs of iron..
    love you much

  4. It looks lovely, a little over the top yes, but beautifully so, a real family Christmas room :-)

  5. Haha..i would rather be beautifully over the top than garishly over the top..


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