All change..

Hello again..well to say we have been blessed with fantastic family is an understatement..remember i told you all we had been given 2 new to us beds for the girls..well this week my brother Simon decided he didn't want the ones he was mum gave him them but they won't fit in the bedroom he wants them my mum offered them to i know we already had 2 beds but these ones my mum offered are we accepted the we have 4 beds..i have put the pine ones on ebay to sell and will split any money with my mum..
The pine beds..sorry i stripped them before taking picture..

Look at them..aren't they gorgeous..
We did treat Fern to a new quilt and quilt now they have matching beds..they were so excited to go to bed.
I feel so lucky..o also my mum had a clear out in her kitchen cupboard and look what i got..

2 new tea cosies..

So yet again it was all change but don't they look comfy..and they are believe me i tried them both.
My tea cosies are so gorgeous..i love the cottage one..the floral one is just so pretty.
So ladies have you ever been gifted with one thing only for another to turn up..


  1. Those beds are gorgeous, they look straight out of a 'country magazine' page.

  2. Hi Sue..they do don't they..and they are so comfy as wonder they are staying in bed in the mornings
    take care


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