Day out at Belton..

Hello again..
Yesterday we had our Grand-daughter Hollie for the day..the call of Belton was getting to strong to resist for all of us i told her Mum to put her in jeans,trainers and hat with cardigan as we were going walking.
Our DD Heather knew what we meant by this as they have been all over Belton over the years and loved every minute of it. I am not sure Hollie knew what we had in mind..we were not going to the House or Adventure Playground ( which they have made into accidents just waiting to happen but thats my opinion).
 We set off walking..the weather was just right warm with a breeze and a little cloudy ,perfect.
Soon as we got there i got the girls to find Pinecones for me for decorations in Autumn.
We saw Does almost straight away..and this years lambs..Hollie learned the Dodge the Sheep Poo Dance was fun and just so nice to show her all the things we take for granted when we go up there.

We found a lovely feather..

The three flowers watching fish in the lakes..we walked for miles was great fun and we had a picnic in the big woods..went around all the trees and found rabbit holes,old bones and a fox set..Fern was excited as she saw a little was too flipping quick for the rest of us to see..but she was happy.
Not once did any of them moan..or say "i'm bored"..
View from the edge of the lake..

I waited ages to get this shot..

All the stags were in the car park..

Look at the Antlers on them..magnificent.

Grandad showing off a feather

 Getting excited about an old tree trunk
I told them that the fungus growing up the tree was actually fairy stairs..

Playing under the tree

Rabbit hole
More fairy stairs

This view is as we left the woods and went on our way home.
We all had a great day and will do this again up until its too cold to go..we love exploring the woods and there is always something new to see..we love to see the woods change with the seasons.
We all got home safe and sound..bit hot and some of us had achey feet but icecream sandwiches and lots of juice soon put that right.
This lovely day out cost us absolutely nothing.
Now that is the best part of it all.
We are National Trust members and wouldn't be without it to be honest..but during the holidays you can't move at the place and its certainly not tranquil or peaceful in the Adventure area or we stay away..but as soon as all are back at school we will have it all to ourselves.
Everyone including me and Simon slept soundly last night..fresh air nothing beats it.
Have you had any days out lately ladies.
take care


  1. It's so good to have a fun day out that doesn't cost anything, and fresh air and exercise thrown in too!
    It's nice when kids these days drag themselves away from technology. I found a book in our games cupboard on card games for one, and my daughter has spent the past few days learning loads of games we had never even heard of xx

  2. Hi Claire it was just a great day out..plenty of fresh air exercise all for free.
    O that book sounds cool..i love finding new things for the girls to do that don't involve technology but only their minds.


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