Hello June..


Hello everyone, Happy first day of June. 

I don't know about al of you but i was expecting to be i my summer clothes by now. I felt that chilly yesterday i had to put a cardigan on.  Its cold, where is our sunshine? We had that much rain the garden is still a bit squishy when you walk on it. Work on the allotment is on hold until its a bit drier. We have all our veg plants lined up and ready to go the minute it turns nicer.

I have been doing what i call in door jobs this week, I resorted my boxes of decorations somehow the Easter ones got put in with Halloween..i also had a good clear out of crappy stuff and  bits and bobs  i didn't realize i had. I gave some away and recycled the rest. I went through all my pictures of the kiddos , never knew i had so many . I sorted them into groups and put them in my picture books. 

I have decluttered the big Pantry and also tidied up under the work top. I got rid of 5 tins of old paint and i re organized my storage area to maximize my space. I put my shopping trolley away as i haven't used it for months. I stored my jam jars away in the she shed. 

Hubby is going to put me a new wider shelf up in the little Pantry..we are just waiting for it to be a bit drier so we can cut up the wood. I have paper to line the shelves and i am itching to give it a little mini make over in there.

I am still waking up extra early and enjoying my quiet time. I say every night i am not going to get up and yet i just find myself wide awake just gone half 5. I can't make it past 11 at night though..my eyes start to close and the words in the book i am reading go blurry so that's the sign for me go to sleep. So i am on just over 6 hours of sleep and feeling ok but i do yawn a hell of a lot in the afternoons, nevermind it could be worse.

I have had a kinda relaxing week as it is half term ,the weather hasn't played ball for us to go on walks and up to Belton but there is time.

I hope you have had a good week.

Love FTM🌻


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