Wet Wednesday..

 Hello everyone, how are you all today?

I was up early, something i am doing more and more. Not sure if its the light or the fact i enjoy it. I like to think of it as my time. I open the curtains, blinds and get a wash in. Fill up my water filter and make a cuppa. Its just me ,my tea and peace and quiet. I decide what i am going to do for the day and do my best to make sure it happens, i write in my daily diary and start to sort food for dinner, taking meat out the freezer to defrost or getting veggies prepped. I normally have a line full of washing out before anyone else gets up. 

Last week i had cleaned all the windows downstairs before anyone else appeared, lovely. I stripped off my mantle piece and polished the big mirror all the ornaments. Watered all the plants and cleaned the leaves. Feels good to get something that seems so small done and dusted. Makes a huge change in my morning and gives me a boost for the day to know that no matter what, i have done that and it makes a difference to me. 

I also got to empty out my little Pantry, not an early morning job but an early evening one..girls upstairs, hubby and son at work. I emptied the entire lot and cleaned all the shelves. I had to throw some stuff that was out of date ( by a few years), in my defense i had shoved the stuff to the back and i have also had other things on my mind.  I am so proud of myself as i let go of a lot of jars and bottles and also some candles that had burnt down to nothing and were shoved in the Pantry out the way. I cleaned all my jars and tubs and re-labelled them. I actually ended up with an empty shelf. I decluttered like a fiend and what a difference it made. The Pantry now looks lighter and more organized. And i have space for anything else. I have created a little area that now houses some of my glass ware, fruit bowls, jelly moulds and jugs. I have also been thinking of adding a wider bottom shelf so i can maybe put my food mixer and processer in there .They are ok where they are on the shelf in the kitchen but i am redoing my kitchen later on this year and i would like it to be slimmed down and everything put away. I don't know its just a though at the minute. 

It has not stopped raining since i got up this morning, extremely heavy and constant. I have puddles where i haven't before. Its very concerning as we are so far behind at the Allotments, thankfully the Potatoes are in and some Shallots and Onions. Everything else is here just waiting for some decent weather so they can be planted out. We have 2 greenhouse full of plants and an area on the patio that is full of plants hardening off all just waiting. We need to get them in soon before they bolt or just give up.

Hubby got a good deal on a Wolesley Webb rotovator..it needs a little work but absolute bargain according to him. You can get attachments for it so it will make the work easier for him.

I have been baking and trying new stuff. I made homemade battered chicken balls. They were delicious but my fryer looked like a battlefield by the time i had done them all, but its only mess and it cleaned up quickly. I made an Ice cream cake from scratch. Lovely, Reminded me of the Arctic Rolls  i used to have as a kid. Everyone loved it so both recipes are now in my folder to be added to meal planners.

Hubby and i cleared out our wardrobes and then treated ourselves to a couple new outfits for the summer, not that i have had the chance to wear them yet. We have decided to change a little bit of the garden to a seated area..this is probably the only place in the garden that is shaded all afternoon, we need a spot like this so hubby can sit outside and not be in the full sun. We have priced it up and it is doable but the weather is now too wet to start. 

So that's my catch up for you all. I really hope you are all well.

Love FTM🌼


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