Living room up do is on going..

 Hello everyone.

As you all saw i spent an eternity painting my bookcase wall and have the bruises to prove it.

For a while i have wanted to just give my fireplace a little lift and some colour.

Wednesday was the day we did it. 

I stripped it all out and hubby helped me put the wallpaper up at the back, i scrubbed the mantel itself and have decided next year i will be re painting it. The paint is flaking off in places and it needs some TLC desperately. But for now a good clean down and wash will have to do.

So here it what it looked like before, excuse the pictures i had to do with my phone

We put up Marbled Paper on the back so it looks like we have a back plate to match the hearth.
The mirror got 2 coats of the gorgeous green the same as my bookcase wall and i rearranged the ornaments and hubby put up a hook for my hanging plant.

I think it looks nice and fresh.

Maybe not to everyone's taste but i love it.

Have a lovely day.

Love FTM🌺


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