It's that time of year again.

 Hello everyone, how are you ?

It's getting to that time of year and we all know what i mean CHRISTMAS🎄🎅.

I have seen more than enough adverts thank you. I think that some shops and supermarkets have totally lost touch with the fact that a majority of families are really struggling to just get through every week without added pressure of showing us what we need. Most of us just need some extra money or the very least supermarkets bringing all the grocery prices down to the normal affordable level. I don't appreciate being bombarded and i am pretty sure struggling families don't either. We are reducing our Christmas lists and food shops. The girls are amazing , we asked them to write a list of things they would like and between them both it's about 12 things..and all are budget friendly. I couldn't ask for 2 more considerate girls, they understand the current situation both at home and the financial crisis going on. Wonderful.

My grocery list for shopping will consist of  a few extra treats for us and that is most probably it. We already have a Turkey, our son got us that when they came in at Sainsbury's and used his staff discount to make it cheaper. I have some cards and wrapping paper left from last year and i will try extremely hard to not buy new decorations, maybe just one to add to the collection.

Hubby is healing well from his Prostate biopsies, 19 they took altogether bless him. The bruise is a landmark and still tender, he is just so easily tired out as well. We are now waiting for the results from that. Its the waiting that really messes with you, your mind always goes worst case scenario and then the panic sets in. Bloody awful feeling.

I have been meal planning my ass off so we use what we have and also i did download all of Jamie Olivers £1 meals , some look gorgeous and some not so good for us. I printed them off and put in my big Recipe folder. I will definitely be trying quite  a few of them especially the No Churn Ice Cream.

I have put up the big door curtains and swapped over duvets. We have had the heating on a few times as Simon feels the cold at the moment. We have also invested in some mini dehumidifiers.. they don't run on electric but have a huge absorbent stone in them which should last 4 months. And the refills are not too expensive either. I will let you know if they are any good, the reviews were excellent on Amazon so they should be worth the money.

I have been keeping busy with a little book case makeover..that's a joke if you have seen my bookcase😁.

I will put up pics on my next post.

Hope that you are all ok and take care.

Love FTM🌺


  1. I've got a written copy of J.O's no churn ice cream laying in the kitchen to try - it almost sounds too good to be true! Shall I wait for you to try it first?! :-)


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