I made Icecream.

 Hello everyone.

Like i said in my previous post i was going to make Jamie Oliver's No Churn Ice cream.

I made it and it is so flipping easy. I got the double cream from Asda and also the Condensed Milk at a £1 a tin so i got 2 one for now and one for later.

Honestly the ice cream is so easy and there was a lot of it as well, next time i am going to halve the ingredients. The mixture  filled a 1lb loaf tin. We all had a thick slice and i still had quite a bit left.

It would be a massive party hit and it does serve 12.

I re wrapped in clingfilm and put back in the loaf tin and put it back in the freezer and we will finish it this weekend. I didn't have any Aero or lighter chocolates so i used the cheap dark chocolate from Asda and smashed it up . You don't need much of it to be fair it is fairly sweet but everyone loved it so it is worth me doing again.
Have a great day.
Love FTM🌺


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