Bookcase up do..

 Hello everyone , how are you all?

So as i told you i had been busy painting my bookcase, not the shelves but the wall behind it. I personally thought it looked a bit bland , hubby disagreed and wanted to leave it but i persisted and bought the paint and then spent 4 days of my life doing the most awkward painting you have ever seen. Each shelf needed 2 coats and there was no room to maneuver at all. I was almost over joyed when i got a full run of paint instead of having to be careful and not get the paint on my shelves which i then spent ages wiping off. I had bruises on my elbows and i found out that i am not as flexible as i once was and i am sure that i am shrinking. I had to stand on tiptoes on my little step up to reach the very top and to be honest i couldn't see what i was doing half the time so it must be abit hit and miss on the top shelves but hey no one can see it and it looks good from where i am standing.

So here is before..


And finally all done..

I took the opportunity to have a clear out as well..10 books have gone. I know it's only 10 but they are half of Simon's and the others were mine. It is not a big amount but at least its a start. I rearranged them into groups and same authors as well. Forgive the sofa looking messy but the dog was getting all excited and jumping all over it.
I have started to Catalogue them and so far have only done one end section. Its a lot to do but every time i get 5 minutes i do a section.
The paint is from B&Q and its called Ballina. A beautiful green. To be honest i only bought a small tin and have half left for any touch ups or for elsewhere in the house.

 I personally think it just makes the shelves stand out and adds and extra bit of warmth to the wall itself, rather than being white and in my view impersonal. This way its my beautiful bookcase and full of books i adore and will read and read again.

Take care all



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