Results and more tests.

 Hello everyone, how are you?

Ok so we went to see the Consultant last week and got hubby's test results. He has a low grade Cancer. The tumor has been removed and his Chemo worked. He still has Cancer. For now they are going to monitor and manage. Unfortunately they have discovered dark marks on his Prostate when he had his MRI and so will be doing a biopsy on Thursday this week ,those results will not be here for 3-4 weeks.

They also told him they will remove any tumors that reappear immediately, he will be checked every 3 months for the forseeable.

So at the moment we are relieved the tumor is gone but concerned about the cancer and also his prostate.

The consultant and his nurse were lovely and we were given Macmillan leaflets and information for us to read through in our own time.

For now we are just concentrating on building hubby up and trying to carry on as normal.

Thanks to everyone who left a message.

love Ftm🌺


  1. Sending best wishes at such a worrying time. X

  2. Sending love and hopes that you all remain on top of it all. xx


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