Hello everyone and welcome to August. Lets hope we can have some sunshine and a little warmer please. I was listening to the radio and the presenter said that he had put his heating on. Surely it is not that bad is it or am i missing something. I like the cooler weather but the rain and can go..its great for the garden and allotments but not so much my washing. Nevermind it could be a lot worse..torrential rain or super scorching ..inbetween is best for me.
I took time away from my little blog to do all i needed to do.

We have been busy here. School is done and i have submitted my Home School report for this year. 
The allotments have been very giving so far and i have had Cabbages, Beetroot, Lettuce, Raspberries and Carrots. The Potatoes are coming in and boy they taste gorgeous.

I am on a freezing bug at the moment and my chest freezer is starting to fill with bags of veg.

The Raspberries are just starting to arrive so for now the few we get are popped in the fridge for puddings or snacks.

I have painted the living room wall that got mould on it..after i have got rid of any traces of it. It only took a day to do..it was more the moving of the sofa and taking curtains down that took the time. I gave the room a real good deep clean as well. I keep looking at my bookcase and i know i should sort it but its huge and i have not that much room to store my books whilst i do. I could do it in sections but i just want to do it and finished, all over and done with in one day. I did treat myself to lovely new tie backs for my curtains..made myself laugh with that one..when does a treat for yourself ever entail tie backs.
I have the dining room wall to do and will wait til it is a tiny bit warmer for that.
Our new blind for the dining room window arrived..the box was perfect but the blind was bent and damaged inside..i did get in touch and sent photos. I have to say they had no quibbles and remade me a new blind straight away. Which arrived and looks great.

We have had dental check ups and we are still waiting for an appointment with the Orthodontist for Iris..bless her she needs a brace and some baby teeth removed as they are firmly attached and showing no signs of coming out.

I got my update from British Gas on my bills. Seems they have decided to keep my credit and put it towards my Direct Debits and now my monthly payment for Gas is £10 and Electric is the same, they will review my payments in October. Which no doubt they will  go up again. Apparently at the end of my plans i will still be owed money even with the new lower payment.

I have lots of little jobs to do round the home that i have been saving for the holidays..i want to paint behind my bookcase yep thats why i want to just completely empty it and go for it..i have seen lots of brilliant ideas to make it just pop and stand out. Also i have an idea for my bedroom that i am going to do ..

Hubby has the wood and i have some little plants that will look absolutely perfect...i will make it my own design and not an exact replica of this but you get the idea.
We also need to re-varnish our kitchen worktops. It has faded in places and some of the varnish had worn through..i love how it looks though..a proper well used kitchen.

Now i don't normally endorse products but i will this one.
I needed some body lotion and was totally shocked at exactly how much it had gone up since i bought my last bottle.
I went to Boyes and found a huge tub of Body Moisturiser with Vitamin E for £1.09 and Fern bought the one with Aloe Vera for sensitive skin. I was totally amazed with the price and how good it actually is..i had some dry skin on my arms and it is gone with in a week. 
Its non greasy and smells lovely. I use it twice a day and a little goes along way.
So if you need some body lotion that is value for money and isn't greasy or over poweringly fragrant then try this one. I am going back to buy a couple more whilst i can.

I will be back in the week.
In the meantime folks you take care and be kind.


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