Hello everyone , how are you today?

I woke up to a dull grey sky and feeling a little cooler. Then the heavens opened and thunder rumbled.
Lovely. Our garden desperately need some decent watering. The hosepipe is fine if you can use it but it just doesn't work as well as a good downpour. The grass will grow and flowers will pop up and bloom. The allotments will flourish and everything will grow really well spuds will swell and everything will ripen up. So i say let it rain. Not everyone will agree but sadly folks we do need the rain,
Hosepipe bans are all ready in effect in the U.K. How does that even happen when we had a really wet end of last year and start to this one. I would be questioning as to why my bill has risen and yet the service has gone down in quality. 

Possibly the only other things enjoying the rain are birds and ducks i know our fish are as they get all the little flies that are knocked into the water , plus this chap. Who spent an age eyeing up the pond but then just sat in the rain for about 20 minutes. Isn't he glorious. 
Enjoy your day folks.
Love to you all


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