Few things in life..

 Hello everyone.

It's still raining here with patches of very warm sunshine so its muggy and not nice.

Now onto to my little teeny tiny moan.

There are a very few things in life that push my buttons.

Rudeness and stupidity being something i cannot fix or control so i let that go.

But messing with my playlist is an absolute No No.

I have a lovely playlist and the song has to be one i really like to get on it.

It is quite varied from classical to indie to pop and so on.

Can you imagine my horror when i put it on and the bloody Spice Girls popped up on it.

I have nothing against them but when they first came out we had 3 teenage daughters who literally played the songs to death and back again.

I could probably tell you word for word each and every song on the albums, this  is also true for Destiny's Child. That one is down to my daughter Heather and her mates practising for the school talent show in her bedroom with the song on replay for hours on end.

So no Spice Girl/ Destiny's Child song is ever going to end up on my playlist.

So guess who vandalized my list.

Hubby. He admitted he did it. Thought it was funny.

Nope not funny. 

I went through the list in the end and removed a few of them.

I am quite laid back and quiet but please for the love of God don't mess with my music.

What pushes your buttons?




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