My fault..

 Hello everyone , how are you all?

Well i got up this morning to find that is was raining and still is a little. I have to admit that it is my fault.
I did the dreaded deed yesterday and cleaned my windows inside and out. So yep its typical really , never mind the garden needed some rain anyway😬.

It has been a few weeks of 1sts.
The 1st Lettuce and also Rhubarb

I also made some Rhubarb sponge cake

The greenhouses are still full to bursting with plants either ready to go out or being hardened off.

The fish are feeling frisky and swarm me every time i go near the pond..not because they love me or anything nope its because i am the one who feeds them, everytime my shadow goes over the pond they mass up and splash all over.
We moved our Compost bins from under the trees to an area that gets more sun and we ordered 2 more as well. Saves a small fortune to make your own and no it doesn't smell bad if you do it correctly Dad.

We decided to make the old compost area into a new border..probably word has gotten round that there is a new freshly made cat crapping area but we have lots of shade loving plants to put in so hopefully they can't squeeze in to do one.

Our little wild life pond area now has the Pampas Grasses and some Lillies planted up..we are going to fill this up with bedding plants and try to create a little oasis for the birds that come for a drink. We still have to paint the fences on both sides of the garden but we will get there. Little and often. We still have the allotments to do and the house as well so we will be busy for a while getting it all done.

Payday came and so did Bill Day..we paid all our bills , made sure everyone has what they needed and i did a big online shop and after all that , this month we have bought the new Blinds for our Bedroom and also the living room. I am going to take down my lovely white voile and put it away, paint my windowsills inside and the sides so it is all clean and fresh once again.

I have the urge to Spring clean..
I have resorted my airing cupboard and vacuum packed the Winter duvets and Winter Coats.
I spent a day emptying the units in my kitchen and cleaning all the shelves..i got rid of a lot of junk and stuff i haven't used for gave me an amazing amount of free space, now i must remember that i have the space and can get to all i need without having to move stuff around like i am playing Jenga and i am not to fill it back up with crappy stuff that seems good at the time but just gathers dust.

I am unsure as to where the Sunshine has actually gone. I went out yesterday morning to put laundry on the line and came back in to get changed. I put my jeans and a long sleeve top 3/4 lengths went back in the wardrobe along with my t shirt.
We have had some lovely warm sunshine but not as hot as everywhere else. The weather is forecast to be warm so i have my fingers crossed for that as i have big curtains to wash and get dry.
So that's all for now folks
Take care everyone.
Love FTM🌼


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