It pays to be honest..

 Hello everyone , how are you?
What a glorious day it is. I did get 4 loads of laundry yesterday and today my basket is empty, temporarily i must say its always empty temporarily.
Well this morning i received a message on my Alexa to say that my refund had been issued for an item i bought last week. Thing is, i have received the item and i am very happy with it and have no intention of returning it. 
We decided to get in touch with Amazon and explain that we did not start the refund process and are quite happy with what we bought. The nice chap we spoke to via quick chat immediately understood and said that not only were they happy with us contacting them to try and sort it out, but on this occasion we could keep the item and also the refund.
Honestly we are still confused as to how the refund was started and why . 
Should we have just shut up and accepted it without saying anything or did we do the correct thing in getting in touch.
What would you have done?
Love to you all


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