Has you ever done this?

 Hello everyone ,how are you all?

Has anyone ever turned up for an appointment 24 hours too early?
This happened to me last week. It's a first and i am going to make sure its the last.
I had an appointment at the Dentist which is almost a 3 mile walk there and the same back.
I arrived nice and early only to be told i was a full day early.
My heart dropped. In a way it was my own fault. They sent me a notification on my phone reminding me but i didn't put my glasses on to read it properly and just assumed it was a 24hr reminder.
So off i went dragging hubby with me..ooh the embarassment­čś│ when they couldn't find me on the system for that day. The receptionist was lovely and tried to get me in but i apologized and said its ok its my fault.
I quickly left.
Hubby thought it was funny and so did i at the time. We consoled ourselves with a cup of tea at a little Cafe and a quick look around B&M. However, the next day when i had to go it started to snow and continued nearly all day. I took my brolly which was a waste of time and as it just got heavier and heavier ,  at one point i tried to shake the snow off and literally ended up looking like a snowman.
I arrived for my 15 minute appointment and then had to walk home .
By the time i got home i was cold, wet, and the upside was i finally found out where my boots were letting in water. It took me a while to warm up but its definitely a reminder to put my bloody glasses on when i read messages in the future.
I can't be the only one can i?
Next , i had to go to town on Monday so i thought i would get a start on Mother's Day. Got some nice little gifts and all the bumf that goes with it. So pleased with myself for being in front. I really thought Mother's Day was 2 weeks away. Imagine my surprise when i asked my Alexa when it is..to be told its this Sunday. It wiped that smug feeling right off my little person­čś▓.
O well at least i can laugh at myself over it all.
Take care all


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