1st of March and St David's Day

 Hello all ,how are you?

With a surname like ours we must have some Welsh in us. I do know my Great Grandma came from Wales but i am not sure where abouts. Well she ended up here and became a local midwife and layer outer. Unqualified as they were in those days, she probably delivered a majority of the babies where she lived. She was however locally famous for assaulting a Salvation Army Captain who tried to make my GG donate money she did not have and apparently got aggressive so my GG responded. 😃. From what i can gather the Salvation Army woman was shaking her Tambourine in my GG's face and more or less ordering her to hand money over for the poor. Now my GG had 13 children (12 girls and 1 boy)..and was the bloody poor. They lived in one of the poorest areas in town and probably needed the help not shaming into donating. So anyway she was hauled before the court and fined for it. Like most of the women in my family we may be small but we are feisty. 
Bless her soul, her name was Bess Hewerdine.

I wonder if March will come in like a lamb or lion. The day will tell. So far its grey, chilly and wet.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

love you all



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