Self Help..You can do anything .

 Hello all, how are you?

Are you like me and feeling a little frazzled and beaten down by all that is going on at the moment. Its hard enough in the world at the minute. Probably like us you are cutting back on food shopping ,watching every penny and trying to stretch it as far as it will go and feeling a little despair when you have to put the heating on because you know its going to cost a small fortune that you just don't have. Any spare money is either kept or spent on those essentials like clothes for the kiddos or shoes for them It just feels never ending .

Keeping it all bottled up is not good for you as you have those thoughts and worries going around and around in your head, making it impossible to sleep or relax.

There are numerous ways to help yourself with out it costing a fortune. Take no notice of the Tiktokkers who reckon this is a must have product to help you out. The said must have product is as expensive as your food shop or bill you have to pay. Plus a lot of them get it for free and then get paid to promote it to you.

Talking to a friend or family about worries certainly helps. They may have a simple solution to or even a plan for your problem. Listen and take it all in and find a way to see if it will help.

If you can't do that or feel embarrassed by your situation then there are lots of organizations that can help.

Debt advice | Free debt advice | National Debtline | National Debtline

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There are plenty of Food Banks and Food Pantries as well.

Ring your Local Council and they can get you help with referrals to the Food Bank and in some cases a Discretionary Fund to help you out.

The Education Authority can tell you if you are entitled to free school meals.

Use a Benefit Checker to make sure you are getting all you are entitled to.

Ring your Utility Companies and see if they can help.

There are lots of organizations out there that can help and will help.

Please do not be embarrassed at all, at some point in everyone's life we have all needed help.

Self help is a massive boost to your confidence as i believe if you can do one small thing for yourself then it leads to bigger things and your confidence will grow. Believe in yourself.

Sit down and work out all your incoming finances and then your outgoings.

Work through it and see what you need.

Don't keep paying for that Gym you never go to and an insurance for an item that you got rid of years ago. Stop these straightaway. Everything helps.

Go through your cupboards, fridge and freezer.

List all you have and make a meal plan. Get creative and see just how much you can make out of what you have.

Sort those cupboards out and have a de-clutter. Move your furniture around. Beat that rug , plump those cushions. Clean one area at a time and be inspired to keep going. Honestly a clean and tidy home does absolute wonders for your mental health. Light a scented candle and enjoy how it makes you feel when you walk back in and see just what you did all by yourself.

Download Vinted and sell your unwanted clothes and shoes ,toys ,books anything you do not want , need or use anymore. Its a great way of making extra cash.

Join the Library..its free and they have lots of clubs and groups you can join.

Make time for yourself in all of this. A warm bath with a scented candle. A face mask. Do your own nails. Get a face scrub. Go to Poundland and have a look in their Beauty section and Candle section. For £2 you can get a face mask and candle. Or whatever you want but like me set a limit and have a mask one time and body scrub the next. So worth the effort. It will make you feel good and relaxed, then you take on the world my lovelies and smash it.

Try to make time for some peace and quiet. Snuggle up on the sofa with a cuppa and a good book or just listen to music.

To feel good put that music on loud and dance around get the kiddos doing it as well.

Lastly i want you to know that you are not alone. We are all in this together and we will get through it.

You can do what ever you set your mind too. Nothing is impossible

Keep going and we will all be here cheering you on.

Parting shot...Therese Coffee..can you come around and show me how to make a decent Turnip salad and also how to make my money go further seeing as your the expert.

Love to you all

Take care



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