1st of February.

 Hello everyone , how are you all?

Well we made it through January by the skin of our teeth and now we can move forward with our plans.
No Council Tax to pay for the next 2 months gives us extra cash. One payment to the National Trust for our membership and the other months money will be spent on redoing the bathroom this year. 

I am in shock although by now we should all be getting used to food prices but i still cannot get over a post on my Facebook group..£4.75 for gravy.. and today i saw it was almost £8 for some kitchen roll..blimey, just use your dishcloth and wash them and re use them, much cheaper than to keep buying kitchen rolls.
The girls and i went to the Library and renewed our cards. We had a great time in there and the lovely lady was brilliant, (you know who you  are and what you did for my Iris) Thank You!!
We got quite a few books and i did order some as well. These are mine and so far enjoyable.

As you know i have a beautiful 5 arm Chandelier in my dining room but  at this moment in time costs a bit to have it on even with L.E.D bulbs in ,so we switched it for a nice and simple one bulb lampshade. My Chandelier is safely packed away, all bubble wrapped up and stashed in the She Shed.
I got this lovely lampshade in Navy Blue off  Ebay for under a tenner including postage. 
There may come a time when i can have my old Chandelier out again but for now this one is perfect.
I received my new National Trust Magazine and Handbook. I love looking through them and seeing other places. But for me you cannot beat Belton for its natural beauty...yes i know i am biased towards the place.
We also received some more seed catalogues and the prices are astronomical. Thank god for Lidl's . There seeds are good and very nicely priced , not had a bad crop or failure from them so far.
Hubby has been in the greenhouse setting seeds..2 types of Onion seeds, Shallots, Beetroot, Cabbage and Lettuce in soil warmed area. The chaps and Iris have also been digging at the Allotments and have already done about a 1/4 of one allotment so far in 2 days. The rotovator will be out soon and then it will be all ready for planting. We have Chitted our Potatoes and they will be going in as soon as they are ready.
I had a switch round in the house..my big plant (fred) didn't like it upstairs in my bedroom so i moved him back to his original spot and then moved the bookcase i had put in his place into the living room.
He looks much better already.
I think the bookcase looks good in my living room..it contains all my to be read books, well most of them anyway.
First attempt but Jack dog got in the way..
There much better without the dog's nose in my camera..he can't help himself.

Sometimes you have to look past the battered box to find treasure inside.

I went to the local Short Coded  Bargain shop to get some bits they had on offer and found an absolute bargain.

                                                                                                                                                                      Aren't they gorgeous..for £1. I couldn't believe it when i had a quick peek inside and quickly picked up the last box. When i got home i did a quick internet search and found these.
Exactly the same for £14.99..sometimes it pays to look past the damage and get a bargain.
Have you found any bargains inside an awful looking box?
Take care all FTM🌼



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