Its o so quiet.

 Hello everyone, how are you today?

Firstly, i want to say Congratulations to the England Team. Brilliant, now keep it up and you will win. house is too bloody quiet. The girls and their brother have gone Christmas shopping. Just me and hubby here. The dog is curled up asleep and we are pottering around. I like noise and cannot get used to silence. I grew up with a large family and have a large family of my own and there was always the background of chatting or laughter i got used to it and now i cannot get used to quiet.
Don't get me wrong sometimes the silence is a good thing as we are all working or reading but to not have the chattiness is awful. The radio is my saviour..Lincs FM thank you for keeping me sane.

I am doing my mountain of Laundry and hoping beyond the realms of possibility that i may actually get some long-awaited post today. We have Birthday cards missing and some post that was ordered over 2 weeks ago. I won't hold my breath.

I hung my Christmas Wreath today on the front door. I put all the decorations up on the 12th and in-between i get the little bits and bobs out. Tablecloth and placemats, candles and ornaments then it's a total major overhaul for the rest of the house on the 12th. This is my favourite time of year. I love Christmas and all the prepping and buying gifts and wrapping them all...i love it. 
Apparently, it is going to be darn cold this week with temperatures dropping to -4 at night and not getting above 2 during the day. Big jumpers out and throws wrapped around me during the day. We have been putting the heating on for an hour at night which has made a huge difference and we all absolutely appreciate it. I think having the heating on is now going to become a treat.

I didn't buy Advent Calendars this year as no one wanted them. So my little wooden calendar is being used to countdown the days.
I can remember having to go out and buy quite a few calendars..then the arguing over who is having which one. Or like one year i had no choice but to buy all the same and having to write everybody's names on them to stop confusion.
So i am off to have a cuppa and sort more laundry out.
Yay they are home..noise is back.
Take care everyone


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