Hello everyone, how are you today?

I have been perusing the internet for Christmas Craft ideas for us to make some lovely handmade gifts.

To be honest i have decided not to do it.

Watching the videos and tutorials i discovered that i am left lacking in my craft department and do not have access or extra funds to go and buy all the materials needed to create a homemade gift. I added up the cost of one and it was well over £20..not everyone has the stuff you need to make something.

Buying glue guns and ribbons plus artificial flowers and garlands soon adds up. I have to be honest and say i am on a very tight budget and the last thing i need to do is buy craft items.

So i have a cunning plan to go to Poundland and just buy the darn thing😂..

Crafting homemade gifts = £20

Poundland special +=£3. that i can modify slightly for free with my minimalist craft stash.

Or if i am lucky a charity shop haul with good ornaments and some nice bits to decorate.

Maybe next year i will strike it lucky and find some good ribbons and flowers i can use to make homemade gifts.

I envy all those with a good crafting stash and set up.

What about all of you, have you made anything that cost more than actually buying it.?

Take care



  1. I used to make cards, but I'm a perfectionist as far as my own work is concerned, so if they were slightly 'wonky' I bagged them up and sent them to a charity shop.
    Any sent from me, had to be spot on perfect, so it finished up costing me a fortune!
    I gave almost all of my craft stuff away when we downsized, I no longer have the luxury of five bedrooms and more or less unlimited space, so a LOT of stuff had to go.
    I have a good eye for colour and design, but am not naturally 'arty', so it's actually cheaper and less stressful for me to buy things and alter them slightly if I want!
    I'm making a crocheted blanket for our super king bed at the moment, and it's costing a lot for the wool. However, even if I could have bought a blanket for less, it wouldn't have been as nice as the one I'm making!


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