Well done Liz..

 Hello everyone , how are you?

Just a quick review of the new Prime Minister. So in the time you have been in office you and your mates have totally fluffed up.

Well done.👍 If you keep going you will fluff up even more and remember this , it's us poor hardworking normal people who have the majority of votes in the next election. I watched an interview and i swear this woman could not give a straight answer if her life depended on it. Admit it for crying out loud . You screwed up and almost bankrupted the country in one fell swoop. Fancy doing a budget just for your top earnings pals😐 and then having to reverse it. How embarrassing.😳.

Do us all a favour and quit with some dignity because you ain't going to have any pals and people on your side if you keep fluffing up. Mess with people's money no matter how rich or poor they are and they will leave like rats deserting a sinking ship.

Hold on to your hats folks and batten down the hatches coz i can tell you straight this woman does not give a flying fig about you , me or anyone else. She has made  it to the top spot and she is going to cling on to power no matter what. 

Rant over. Sorry had to say something. The woman is a fake and is totally out of her depth. Meaning we have to pay the price for her failure.

Have a good day people and stay frugal.

take care



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