Little kitchen redo for under a tenner

 Hello everyone, how are you today?
 The weather here is a bit of a mix at the moment. Yesterday we had rain all day and a cracking thunderstorm .I was shocked by that. Scared the living daylights outta me to be honest. Minding my own business and then the sky lit up and BOOM! Today we have had more rain and it's all misty, but the sun is trying to break through yet it's warm not even chilly. 
As my lovely man is off work for 2 weeks, we are catching up on all the little jobs we have waited to do.
Earlier in the week we stripped wallpaper off in the kitchen and repaired any that was loose and then in just one morning my kitchen was transformed, for under a tenner. I bought the wallpaper earlier this year and it's been sat patiently waiting to be put up. I love it myself and think it gives my kitchen a bit of warmth and character.  I have scrubbed the room down, washed the lampshade and had a clear out of stuff i do not use and moved a shelf so it's a little lower down and bingo. I have my monthly meal planner up and anyone who doesn't like what we are having can put the complaint in writing😂.

I think it looks so much better than having just a huge plain wall with a shelf stuck in the middle.

Not bad i reckon.
Have a lovely day everyone.
take care


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